Apply to take part in the 3D Leadership Programme in Rwanda

Join our stimulating, interactive leadership experience that will help you to define yourself with a perfect leadership skills package to maximize your potential to drive yourself and your business more successfully with impacts.

The 3D Leadership Programme is organized by Andy Hanselman Consulting in partnership with Adam Bradford Agency (ABA) and Rwanda Opportunities Organization (RwandOpp).

The program is taking place from 07th to 09th June 2023 in Musanze District, Northern Province, Rwanda (Location: Thousand Hills Hub).

The Aims of the Programme:

  • To equip participants with the skills and know-how to make a real impact in their business, community, organization and life.
  • To help them maximize their potential and their performance for them and their businesses, communities and organizations.
  • To introduce the principles of 3D Leadership and help them apply them to make a Dramatic and Demonstrable Difference in the areas that count.
  • To help individuals develop their own personal 3D Leadership Plan to move them, their businesses, and their community forward.

Who’s It For?
Any ambitious, driven and forward-thinking person looking to…

  • Start and develop a new business.
  • Start and develop a local community project.
  • Make an impact in their organisation or community

This 3 days programme consists of intense training workshops and interactive sessions, Participants will absorb themselves in the principles of 3D Leadership and apply them to their own business, community, project, or initiative.

We are looking for individuals, business leaders, and entrepreneurs aged between 18 to 35 who live in Musanze District, Nyabihu District and around to apply by filling out the form below.

Deadline: 22 May 2023 (Time: 5 PM- Kigali Time)

NB: 3D Leadership programme is fully funded. Food and transport will be covered.

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