RwandOpp organization is a non-profit organization who rely completely on donation and other RwandOpp programmes for the community development. Without support from grant organizations, partners and individuals, we would not be able to continue making lasting impact in the lives of rural community in Rwanda. Youth unemployment and poverty alleviation are our passion, we really rely on support and donations from around the world in order to do this.

We have seen that youth unemployment lead youth to poverty. Mostly all the time is due to the lack of passion and quality of education. RwandOpp is trying to tackle those issues that youth are facing by providing educational training on Digital Skills and providing career guidance. We are also introducing  community libraries in different district of Rwanda.

Today we are running an ongoing campaign to support RwandOpp Youth Library Initiative we started in March, 2019. The aim of the campaign is to introduce different community libraries in almost all district of Rwanda by 2025.

So far we have started with Nyabihu District and we have introduced one library there. RwandOpp Youth Library in Nyabihu District is being used by the youth in that rural area to eradicate illiteracy by promoting reading culture. Please check our library here.

We are receiving and kind of donations either by providing books (spare books) or by donating funds to help buying materials for the libraries.

Feel free to contact us on our email ( / and we will be grateful to welcoming your support.

Murakoze Cyane!