Why partner with RwandOpp?

If your organisation or group decides to partner with Rwanda Opportunities Organisation (RwandOpp) and support one or more of our projects, you will become part of a dynamic, diverse charity that is working hard to reach out to the most vulnerable people out of poverty and support education needs for our beneficiaries in a rural area. We value partners because of the opportunities it brings us in terms of impacts and development for the youth .

How can you partner with RwandOpp?

Partners often support only one or more programmes. This allows them to focus their funding on areas they are particularly interested in or qualified in. If you feel that Rwanda Opportunities (RwandOpp) works in an area that matches your organisation’s interests and values, and you want to inquire about partnering with us then please contact us for more information at or call: +250788974955/ +250788322579.

If you are interested in partnering to provide volunteers to work on particular projects with us, we welcome your interest. Please email us at or call: +250788974955/ +250788322579 and we will provide you more details.

Find our partners here.