Welcome to RwandOpp

The little grassroots people can change this world.

Rwanda Opportunities (RwandOpp) is a non-profit, youth led and social impact organization. We are a group of daring social innovators who supports the Rwandan youth to become makers and leaders and to give them the tools, knowledge, and networks to create opportunities and
successfully transform their communities
. We partner with young people and their communities to reach their full potential by shaping them to become activists and lending their hands to the people in need.
RwandOpp was founded in 2015 by young leaders from the International Citizen Services (ICS) programme with Tearfund.
Our previous projects include the Green Saves Project which was operated in Bweramvura Refugee camp in 2015 and funded by the International Citizen Service (ICS) and Tearfund. The project served to improve the beneficiaries’ nutrition by teaching them how to make small kitchen gardens.
The project also helped with finances through teaching them about saving, enabling them to start small saving groups which they are now working in to get small loans and improve their financial status. Family planning, team work and other related courses were also delivered in the camp.
The root of this project was to build relationships with the beneficiaries; thus, helping them to re-establish their hopes of a good life. We are passionate about giving practical help to those in need and showing them that there are people in the world who care about them.

Love is all that matters


RwandOpp is a non-profit, youth led and social impact organization that has the mission to transform the lives of rural communities in Rwanda through youth engagement.

We are a group of daring social innovators who supports the Rwandan youth to become makers and assists them to choose the right opportunities for success and development of self-advocacy.


  1. Enhance both youth and students’ capacity and raise awareness of the social impact activist’s mindset to young people through education sessions on leadership, health and entrepreneurship.
  2. Promote talents of youth in the rural area through talent show events.
  3. Promote digital skills literacy among young people in rural areas and connect them to different opportunities through ICT trainings and exhibitions.
  4. Promote youth engagement in environmental conservation in the neglected village areas.
  5. Stimulate dreams and imagination of young people and children from rural area through the promotion of reading culture.

Current Activities and location

Provision of career guidance to both primary as well as secondary school students at the G.S Mukamira High school and at the G. S Rwankeri High school in Nyabihu.

Enhancing the Information technology skills to young people at different High schools in Nyabihu.