Our Impact

So far, we were able to achieve the following successful results through our work:

  • Over 400 young peer educators each have graduated with an ICT course from the Internet for Opportunities (I4Opportunities) program and continue teaching ICT skills through regular 8-week-long training.
  • 70 young people have been trained in photography.
  • Graduates from photography were successfully linked to international donors and were able to exhibit their work in the Kigali Center for photography which was acclaimed by both locals as well as the international community.
  • 200 children books were donated and have been distributed to the libraries of two primary schools in the Nyabihu district (Group scolaire Mukamira and Group Scolaire Rwankeri). More than 100 reading sessions have been implemented at those respective two primary schools.
  • RwandOpp Youth Library was introduced in Nyabihu District. Every week, around 100 youth and children benefit from different books at RwandOpp library and reading sessions.
  • More than 800 youth have attended the RwandOpp talent show exhibition in which young Rwandans were able to show their talents in the past 12 months.
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