3rd session of I4Opportunities project at G.S.Mukamira

A week is gone, three sessions has already been covered at G.S MUKAMIRA, students from both senior five and senior six grouped into “I4Opportunties club” are getting familiar with computer use.

The week left the club with an improvement. In the beginning of the sessions, the club members were being shy with not only asking questions, but also shy on computer use which is not the case anymore.

For the first day of workshops, we introduced students to computers and describe the different parts of a computer. we continued our session with an introduction of Windows Operating System and its very basic functions. It was a great session for students to know an operating system and differentiate it with both hardware and other software.

we switched from that module to an other module of introducing students to word processing, here they learnt how to use word-pad and its tools and how to find it within the computer. The last module for the session was saving and how to organize files. Here we taught them how to create different files and save documents in them. Students showed that they have few knowledge of that module and we have remaining topics to cover before we introduce them to another module of internet use.

So far, they have been equipped with basic skills on computer and its use with ability to solve some problems within the computer by using troubleshooting technique which may hinder their fluent and efficient use of a computer.

Stay tuned for the next week, with the introduction for internet use from which the club members are excited for.

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