I4Opportunies project was officially launched at G.S.Mukamira

On Tuesday, 9th July, a second day after the liberation celebration day in Rwanda, It was a day that RwandOpp team reached G.S.Mukamira for official opening of the I4Opportunities project. Tohether with the headmaster of G.S. Mukamira, we launched this project at G.S.Mukiamira to enhance students’s skills of using both computer and internet as the way of accessing outstanding opportunities available for them and being innovators.

The program will not only reach on students from this high school, but also to the flesh high school graduates and as well as the unemployed youth under 30 years old from the region.

I4Opportunities is conducted through a series of workshops which are provided weekly by software engineers and trained volunteers from RwandOpp team.

To maximise the impact coverage through this school and the district, a monthly training on ICT teachers in Nyabihu district will be done too, and this will help to improve their student’s skills on opportunities-based ICT learning method.

With much enthusiasm and thirsty for ICT skills, all 53 young people from this school joined the formed “I4Opportunities club” and elected their representatives to help the smooth and ownership-based leaning. The club is being thought as peer educators which is expected to pass the learned skills to their fellows.

The project came as a solution support to the Rwanda aim of transforming the whole country into a significantly digitalised population by 2019,

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