Jimmy (Beneficiary)

I am called Jimmy Nshimiyimana, I am 19 years old and I am studying History, Economics and Geography (Level 6) at Groupe Scolaire Mukamira. What pushed me to join I4Opportunities program is wanting to become a job creator. I know with the skills I am gaining from here will help me open my eyes and look for long term work that will change my life. I feel like I don’t get opportunities in this area because I am one of many young people who are missing different programs, chances and scholarships as all those opportunities are published online and we don’t have the knowledge to apply for them. What I want to get out of the I4Opportunities program is to have information about the use of social media for highlighting my work and for networking. Of course I am planning to start small initiative with RwandOpp’s help and share my work by blogging.

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