Kissa and Eunice (Volunteers)

Last week we had two visitors  Kisa Kasifa Cassie (On the left hand side of the cover picture) and Eunice Prennah (on the middle of the picture) from Uganda. Below are their testimonials that they shared with us after spending some days working with RwandOpp.

Kisa Kasifa Cassie

“I arrived at the beautiful, clean and most importantly warm house of the RwandOpp team on a cold Sunday morning of 5th August 2018 in the company of Jean Luc who had waited and picked us from the bus terminal. This house is warm because it has electric warmers but because of the most hospital, friendly and caring people that live in.

I and my friend Eunice were welcomed with excitement that entailed beautiful smiles and warm hugs. We were offered sits to relax from the long journey that had taken 11 hours from Uganda to Musanze the country side of Northern Rwanda. Whereas we were chatting with Bonaventure one of the hosts, Jean Luc was already making sure that the room we were staying in was set.

I and Eunice were ushered into the bedroom with a bed that was neatly made with sheets and other bed covers. The room had a closet, that was more than enough for two people.

Bonaventure made for us breakfast, and we were shown around the house. We were provided with warm water for a shower to enable us refresh and take a comfortable nap. We then woke up to a delicious lunch that was prepared by Bonaventure and Jean Luc. In Africa, women are usually expected to cook in the presence of men, but the RwandOpp team was kind enough to take up this role considered as a female role without hesitation. I vividly remember them saying “oh, you can’t cook/do dishes because you are visitors, we will do it. “It is because they wanted us to have the most comfortable days there.

Tired as we were, we were also excited to tour the beautiful city of Musanze. Jean Luc, Bonaventure and their friend Eli took us on a tour around the town. We were able to have a breath of fresh air from the water streams, take a look at the volcanos from a distance and of course took nice pictures.  Back at the house later in the evening, we listened to music and danced the night away.

On Monday 6th, we visited one of their projects internets for opportunities and we were able to meet and interact with the youth they work with. This was an amazing experience because I got to see how much they are working to change lives of fellow young people in Africa. They later took us on yet another nature walks in Karago. We visited a lake whose name I don’t remember (she meant karago lake :)). This was refreshing as we enjoyed the breeze, and the beautifully green environment of the area. In the night, we had a fire made by the boys. We sat around the fire and told the most hilarious stories, this was a way of strengthening our bond and keeping away the cold of Musanze.

The following day, was of low energy because it was our last day at this amazing place with awesome people. We went to Mukamira and met the youth again, we also watched a cyclist race that was happening there. We then rode on a taxi and got back to the RwandOpp palace where we had a nice lunch, rested and we chatted. This day ended dinner outside home. We went to Inyange Restaurant for dinner, shared political and personal stories as we ate the night away. We get then rode on bikes for the first time ever to go back home.

As we lazily walked to the bus park to get our bus to Kigali and to Kampala, I felt sad and at the same time happy that I was able to spend a few days with amazing company. I told myself that I will definitely go back to Musanze one day for a vacation or to work with RwandOpp. I still miss the house, the music, the food and most especially the people.

RwandOpp is a team of the most awesome and kind people and trust me, you want to drop by their place when you are in Rwanda or Musanze.

Kisa Kasifa.”

A VISIT FOR LIFE  by Eunice Prennah

“Walking into the silent country with a friend named Kisa Kasifa brought me the greatest Joy. I had never traveled in any other country and therefore Rwanda was my very first. I had number of expectations, tried to imagine how life would be when we get there but it was way better than what I had imagined.

The most breath-taking thing was the extreme cleanliness of the country, silence both during day and night and how people minded their business.

The tour could have never been fun if we did have the most hospitable people who walked us through the foreign land. Luc, Ely (Elyzeus) and Bonaventure not only became family to us but also took the initiative to make us explore Rwanda. We had a number of crazy activities that make the visit very memorable for example the bicycle ride after dinner, visiting some wells, dancing that was so amazing. We were trained on how to dance, we had story telling around the fire place.  We lived a movie kind of life.

We were taught professional photography skills by Luc and he himself took as many photos as possible. These photos speak, they tell the story, they carry memories and they are just so perfect.

We had comfortable rooms that gave a complete feel of home, it was really surprising having these gentlemen cook for us.

Not forgetting how we were surprised when ate salt free food, matooke mixed with spaghetti, yellow bananas. At first, we did not enjoy the food from the restaurants but later we found the solution which was having our hosts cook for us.

The last day of our visit, no one wanted to leave Rwanda (Musanze) and more so the beautiful house and the students of school G.S de Mukimira who were really welcoming and had become part of us. We really enjoyed people who had become family to us That is to say Jean Luc and Bonaventure. They were So jolly and outgoing and knowing them was one of the best things in this year 2018.They were too responsible to the extent that they helped to book for us bus tickets back to Uganda, escorted us and watched till the bus set off. They would always ensure that everything is going on well with us.

I really Want to thank our hosts Jean luc and Bonaventure for the conducive environment at the beautiful comfortable home and for being very hospitable.

Our bodies left but the hearts remained in Rwanda especially in Musanze.”

Of course their shared some pictures 🙂


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