Meet Aline, I4Opportunities Alumni.

Aline is 18 year old student at Group Scholaire Mukamira. Aline joined RwandOpp’s training ‘I4Opportunities’ last year in July. She learnt different skills in ICT, social media, blogging and photography.

Here she shared with us her journey in the photography exhibition she attended in Kigali last year with her fellow trainees from the I4Opportunities project. Her project was titled “employment and believes” that highlights the way people work and feel about their jobs. She met with different farming employers in Nyabihu District who shared their feelings about their work.

During the exhibition in partnership with Kigali Center for Photography, she was impressed with how different people from all corners of the world attended. Her expectation before the exhibition was to be in a big hall with different talks that she was worried about because of public speaking. She learned how to exhibit her work, boosted her confidence to meet different experts and so she made some new connections. The biggest challenge she faced was the language barrier but she made it.

Her advice to young people is to work hard and be keen to know new things. She is now attending senior six of high school, studying History, Economics and Geography and is now our one of our alumni who is helping us train other youth in the same school.

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