Planting Dreams (PD) event in Nyabihu District

YALI-Alumni Chapter of Rwanda in its initiative called “Planting Dreams (PD)”, are organizing an event that will take place in Nyabihu District on 7th May, 2018 to broaden children’s’ imagination, to dream big dreams.

YALI-Alumni Chapter of Rwanda in partnership with RwandOpp will be distributing books titled “Oh Rwandan child” to one of the primary school that RwandOpp is working with in Nyabihu District called “Group Scolaire Mukamira”. Books to be provided are available in Kinyarwanda/ English version to enable children to imagine the unlimited possibilities of what they can be, and what they can do.

Oh Rwandan Child is a simple and exceptional book for  children,  with  Real  Rwandan  characters,  and  with  a  positive  language  that  reminds  the kids that they can fight through all odds and emerge victors.

Planting  dreams  aims  to  start  a  conversation  that  these  kids  have  never had before through  reading  Oh  Rwandan Child. Plant small ideas and dreams of careers and things that they can do, to encourage and broaden their imagination horizon and see the possibilities out there.

Teams of YALI-Alumni and RwandOpp will be dispatched to distribute these books and engage students to inspire and motivate them through sharing of personal stories.

We believe the specifically chosen book “Oh Rwandan Child” will be a great tool in planting dreams because of its style, it directly talks to the reader reminding them that they can be a doctor, engineer or pilot among other great careers, talks about what each person does in their specific fields and exhibits Rwandan characters that can be relatable.

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