Planting dreams initiative in Nyabihu District was successful.

On  May 7th ,2018, We had a wonderful day in a place full of volcano stones with a gorgeous look. The place is Nyabihu district where we were gathered for an event called “Planting Dreams” to broaden children’s’ imagination, to dream big dreams.



This initiative from YALI Rwanda Chapter in partnership with RwandOpp, has reached on two primary schools located in Nyabihu district (G.S.Mukamira and G.S.Rwankeri). The first session started around 11 am at G.S Mukamira with a welcoming note from Headmaster of the school. Level 2 and 3 students in their respective classes were excited to see “Oh Rwandan Child” book.

YALI delegates together with RwandOpp team started conversation by introducing the book and engaging children through reading and sharing ideas about what they want to be in the future.





In the afternoon, we walked along way to the second primary school (G.S.Rwankeri) for the same session. Around 300 students were reached and 100 books were delivered on each school. We promised both schools to continue work together for the progress of Planting Dreams initiative.

We have noticed that students from this rural place have little imaginations, and short as well as limited dreams. After reading the “oh Rwandan Child” book, we expect them to grow and our task is to continue guiding them in the journey. 

After six months, we will conduct an evaluation, to compare and learn on their ambitious journey.




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