RwandOpp Running Kigali Marathon

This coming Sunday, 20th May 2018, we (Emmanuel Nshimiyimana and Bonaventure Mihigo) are running the “Kigali Peace Marathon” to raise funds for RwandOpp’s ‘Internet for Opportunities’ project which we are part of in a rural area of Rwanda.

RwandOpp (Rwanda Opportunities) is a youth led organisation with the aim to follow the change-makers examples of showing unconditional love to the poor and transforming the lives of rural communities in Rwanda. RwandOpp is an initiative started by volunteers from International Citizen Services (ICS) programme with Tearfund.

The ‘I4Opportunities’ project of RwandOpp aims to equip high school students from rural areas of Rwanda with both computer and internet skills and to be able to access outstanding opportunities available to them by enhancing their skills through workshops provided weekly. Workshops are conducted by software engineers from the RwandOpp team.

The aim of this campaign is to raise up to £500 to cover the facilities for three RwandOpp volunteers to provide 2 months of session training at Group Scolaire Mukamira, a school located in Western province of Rwanda in Nyabihu District.

During our last project of empowering primary students from the same school to dream big dreams and achieve them, we provided books and helped the students to read and have also noticed that the high school students lack the equitable skills to do with basic information technology. “To move a mouse for students here it is even a challenge for them”, said the school Headmaster on our visit.

This project is important since it opens more doors to these students in accessing different opportunities available beyond their limited aspirations of becoming local bicycle taxi drivers.



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